Friday, 6 February 2015

Indira Gandhi University Meerpur Opening-Youtube

Welcome to Indira Gandhi University Meerpur, Rewari, (Haryana) an afresh recognized state run University regulation of 2013 available in the gazette of Haryana on 7th September, 2013. This University will effort as a inspiration light to eliminate the dark of inexperience and lack of knowledge and to feast the golden glow of the light of knowledge in the zone. As a newly ongoing Indira Gandhi University Meerpur, Rewari, it has limited courses to proposal at present but right from the next year a significant number of courses will be ongoing with the approvals of the Govt. of Haryana, and the number will rise with the passage of time. There is a lot of choice in the field of campus growth and structure work which is in development with a great quickness. The University aims at providing feature education in all the streams required by students and scholars. Being the author Vice-Chancellor of this University I may promise that I would permission no stone unturned to pilot this Indira Gandhi University Meerpur, Rewari,  to its likely heights and turn it into a University of per academic quality rival with the globally recognized Universities, with the support of my learned colleagues and people of the area.


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